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Conscious hotel Museum Square


2018- 2019


Total space:
1700m2 totaal


Spatial- interior design and brand identity

Stylish, Sustainable, Art-inspired and lots of space – in the city of Amsterdam. This project was a total renovation, spatial design and brand identity.


Dutch artwork, found in both the Rijksmuseum and the Stedelijk Museum are our base, deconstructed and then reconstructed in our own unique way.
The Lobby and the rooms on the ground floor were inspired by the painting “North Atlantic Light”, by Willem de Kooning. We took the art piece down to a simplistic form and extracted our designs from there. We brought this inspiration inside, and used it as a starting point for the design canvas of this unique hotel. The simple geometry, playful shapes and vibrant colors are what ultimately became our pallet. Each floor is dedicated to a specific painting.


The concept of deconstruction is the inspiration and challenge behind our design story. We built on this concept to pick out materials and products that take existing elements and objects, deconstruct them, and then repurpose them into new and beautiful forms.


The upcycled glass bar top found in our lobby is a perfect example of this, it is made entirely from recycled everyday glass bottles that are broken down, melted and then fused together to create the beautiful one of a kind surface. The attraction is seeing that the life of a material, once considered discartable, is now viewed as beautiful.


Aside from the repurposed material options we have chosen, all other aspects of our furniture, finishings and tangibles are carefully selected with sustainability in mind.


In collaboration with LMNT Design Amsterdam

‘Oh really’ panels by Kvadrat are made from multiple upcycled sources such as recycled hotel linens and jeans materials. Nice to know what you are wearing and what you will be sleeping in”